Now the hard work begins…

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Today was my last day at work, and Nick finished last week. We now have May to get the boat ready and moved out of both houses.

Borne, our yacht, isn’t playing along with our plans. Nick has found extensive rot in the hull, cockpit and coachroof that needs to be repaired before the boat is safe to sail. This added to the already huge list of tasks which includes building of new storage lockers and fitting of what seems like hundreds of new gadgets/safety systems etc is threatening to blow our timescales (to leave at the end of May) out of the water (so to speak).

Nevertheless, we are committed to working day and night (neighbours patience permitting) to get the job done, and our philosophy is that the harder we work now, the sweeter the rewards will be once we set off.

We’ll email again with pics and an update on our progress in the next week or so.

Bye for now, Mel x


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That’s what I called him.

It seems appropriate.

His real name is Richard and he is an inspiration.

I am sure he would not mind me telling you that he is 69 years old and that he considers living and cruising on his boat as a great alternative to eventual incarceration in old folks home.

He tells me he will continue ‘till he drops…..and I believe him.

A couple of years ago I was in the fortunate position to help him sail “Dols” out of a tight spot in the aptly named “shipwreck cove” and round the Portland Bill.

It was the first time I had sailed in about 7 years as Borne was off the water and it was a great help in motivating me to finish her.

This was my first time round the Bill and was a windy and rough slog against the tide and taking something like 10 hrs before eventually dropping the anchor in Portland harbour in the early hrs of the morning.

We kept in touch and talked from time to time.

He had been spending his time on the East coast but one weekend last summer he sailed into Portland Harbour.

On Sunday night, Mel and I sailed out with Richard to Warbarrow Bay where we anchored and watched as the setting sun broke through the clouds to illuminate the stunning Dorset cliffs while gorging ourselves on fresh mackerel ( caught on the way there ) and enjoying the heat from the BBQ on the beach.

That night I left a line dangling in the water with a full mackerel impaled on the biggest hook I had.

1.30am and Mel nudged me awake. The reel was clicking and within seconds I was out, naked, in the cockpit with my rod in my hand………..sorry……..let me clarify that……..with my fishing rod in my hand fighting what felt like the biggest fish I had ever hooked ( and I have caught plenty of Tuna, shark etc on my travels )

So after 10 mins or so of trying to wind in the beast, the line went slack….I had lost him.

Gone was the mackerel, hook and all leaving a frayed bitten end to the line.

I recon it was a big conger but it could have been something meaner.

In a spearfishing competition on the Saturday before, one of the divers was harassed by a 400lb porbeagle shark ( part of the great white family if you didn’t know ).

On Monday we were rudely awakened by the firing range marshals and asked to move on. As soon as we cleared the Bay we could hear the big guns opening up on the MOD range on the hills.

We enjoyed a great sail back to Portland and took a lot of great pics of Skipper and Dols and later Aric and Absurdity boats.

Richard plans to sail South and we wish him the fairest of winds and can’t wait to see him again ( maybe in warmer climes ).

Love Nick


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Over the next few posts I am hoping to introduce some of my close

Today I want to introduce Dave.

I have known Dave for a couple of years now.

It didn’t start well though and there was a point when I nearly told Mel that I didn’t want him around now I have grown rather fond of him .

To say that he is a character is a huge understatement.
He is a quiet individual given to strange manic moods but on the
whole, he is pretty predictable.
However Dave is a bit of a paradox.
Ok, so he has the usual male traits, he is rather aloof at times,
likes to go out late at nights getting into fights ( though at his age
you would think that he would have grown out of it by now ), its even
far to say that in his younger days he was a bit of a bully. he
doesn’t work and seems to spend most of the day sleeping.
But, and I am sure he won’t mind me saying this, Dave is as camp as a
drag queen in Vegas!!

Might be because I make him wear a Swarovski crystal studded collar!!!

Dave, in case you haven’t realised is our scuff cat.
If I ever get round to it then you can follow his adventures on his
own web site ………… but don’t hold your breath.


Love Nick

Out on bail………

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No real story with this.
I was just looking through my photos and I came across a little bit of video footage that we took when towing Aric out to his boat in a sinking dinghy he had borrowed from Tim at the boatyard.
And it really, really, really tickles me.

Aric the sailor……

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BBQWe have a friend called Aric.
We like him a lot.
Even though…………

Aric is an adventurer
Women love him
Men want to be like him
He is American
He has a beard
He was squatting in my house overlooking the sea while I commuted 3 ½ hrs to London every day
And by far his best quality………..he is hopefully going to learn to sail a boat…………properly………..old school!

You will hear more about Aric from time to time.

Check out Aric’s great blog

More later…

Love Nick