The (somewhat loose) Itinerary

Posted May 9th, 2011 by Mel and filed in Itinerary, Uncategorized

Hello, a few people have asked us about our itinerary. Below is a rough idea of where we expect to be and when:

• June 7th 2011 – Borne goes in the water in Portland, Dorset
• June – Sail to France, and spend time with the French working our way down the coast to La Rochelle.
• July – Head across the Bay of Biscay to northern Spain (we will wait for a decent weather window), and then spend time with the Spanish, working our way along the coast and around Cape Finisterre to the Spanish Rias south of A Coruna, where we plan to spend a few weeks exploring as this area of Spain is meant to be beautiful and perfect for sailing.
• August – Leave Spain and head down the coast of Portugal, making sure to stop off at Cascais. We will then round Cape St Vincent and enjoy the Algarve for a few weeks.
• September – Head from mainland Portugal to Madeira & Porto Santo. The passage will take around 5 days, which will be our longest to this point, and we’ll spend a couple of weeks here before heading south to the Canary Islands.
• October – Landfall in the Canaries, and a month or two of exploring these beautiful Islands.
• End November(ish) – Find a semi permanent home for us and Borne to prepare for the Atlantic crossing; this likely to be either Tenerife or La Gomera.
• Mid December – As soon as the Trade Winds are established, we will leave the Canaries heading South, then West on the Atlantic Crossing (expected to take around 25-30 days).
• Mid January 2012 – Reach the Caribbean!!! 🙂
• January to May – Exploring the Caribbean working north from Grenada towards Antigua/BVIs whilst consuming lots of local rum.
• June – Due to the hurricane season, we will be leaving the Caribbean around June, heading for Bermuda, and then the Azores.
• July/August – Exploring the Azores
• August/September 2012 – Heading home