Borne has left the building…(and gone to the seaside)

Posted June 7th, 2011 by Mel and filed in Uncategorized

After a month and 8 days of very hard work, and 12-18 hour days for the last week, Borne has now left the garden at Jamaica Farm to go back home to Portland.

During this time, a number of very major structural repairs have been completed as well as a huge quantity of smaller jobs. Of these, the most notable are the major hull repairs in the back rear quarter and where it meets the keel. In addition to this, Nick has replaced the cockpit coombing, two large areas of beam shelf on the portside that needed to be cut away and replaced, and in 7 out of 8 windows there was rot in the surrounding wood that has now all been repaired and painted in. To look at her now, you’d never know these repairs had been done, which is a testament to the amazing work Nick has done (he’s done all the technical things; I’ve been in charge of sanding, filling and painting and generally prettifying).

The final coat of paint on the waterline went on yesterday evening, followed by loading her up with as much as we could carry. With the help of my lovely Dad, and our fine neighbour Tim, to whom we are extremely grateful, she was ready to go at 9am this morning.

Although she is now officially able to float and therefore sail (i.e. no holes), for the next week, Borne will remain off the water to allow Nick to get final fittings put in place and tested. In the meantime I’ll be tidying and packing up the house to move out at the weekend.

I’ll also be taking some time to make myself feel human again; sleeping, removing multiple splatters of paint from my hair and skin, painting my toes and generally start to feel like a girl again rather than a builder (no offense to builders intended)!

Anyway, here’s a picture of Borne all pretty this morning just before she was lifted out of the garden: