Heaven! (aka Les Saintes)

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Beach in Les Saintes, originally uploaded by melandnick.

We left Martinique at 4pm heading directly for Les Saintes on an overnight passage, bypassing Dominica. Nick and I had decided upon arriving in Martinique that we really love the French islands, so we decided to miss out Dominica which is much poorer than it’s European neighbours (although we’re told extremely beautiful rainforest) and head directly to another far flung corner of the EU.

We arrived in Les Saintes a mere 18 hours later, having had the best sail of the whole trip to date, averaging 6 knots, our norm is only 4. On my watch between midnight and 4am, I was accompanied by a bird that would fly above the cockpit and swoop down and around the boat. The wind was between 10 and 12 knots all the way, and we carried full sail and it was truly delightful.

Les Saintes is nothing short of beautiful. It consists of 2 main islands Terre de Haut (the more populated and touristic), and Terre de Bas, surrounded by 3 or 4 smalled Islets within dinghy reach of the main anchorages. There are several beautiful and well sheltered anchorages with many sandy beaches and great French food. Of all the places we’ve visited, if we won the lottery one day, then we’d definitely return for several months as we really did just love it.

The diving/snorkelling is the best we’d found so far with crystal clear seas and nearly every day we had fun playing in the water with the fish. I even leant to free dive (only down to 9 meters so far), and then Nick armed me with a gun and I went spearfishing for the first time, and caught 4 fish – all edible but all rather small….nevertheless, I was very proud of myself, and have even committed to continue when we return to the UK (weather permitting)! We also spent an afternoon of fun and laughter with Maarten from Lola learning to wakeboard!

Whilst we were there we met with many friends, old and new. Of the usual crowd nearly all the Duchies were there, as well as our German friends on Nubia and Timpertee, and as usual, we all got together for a beach BBQ the second night we were there. We made new friends on TigerLilly, and Heather and Phillip over in the Pain de Sucre anchorage. Lilly from Tigerlilly took us on an energetic (and fun) hike to the top of the hill where there’s an old Napoleonic fort and the views were amazing.

Our last day of fun in Les Saintes was spent free diving and spearfishing on our own personal island. Nick and I took our dinghy over to one of the islets, and found a huge reef with very beautiful fish (where I caught my 4), it was a perfect day.

Before we knew it, 1 week had turned to 3 and we were still trying to leave, but kept finding reasons to stay. However, our luck changed, and produced a reason to leave this wonderful place, and it wasn’t a good one…Nick developed burst appendix…